You Need a Budget


The best way to create and stick to your budget


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You Need a Budget is a personal management application that lets you stay in control of your money and keep your finances up to date.

As soon as you start to use the application, you will be taken through the tutorial in full. This makes it possible to take full advantage of the multitude of benefits hidden inside You Need a Budget. These include the option to keep all your information on the cloud using Dropbox, so you can access it from any computer or mobile phone whenever you like.

You can monitor multiple accounts simultaneously, schedule automatic transactions for certain days, handle different currencies within the same account, add all kinds of notes, and even use an advanced search tool to find new ideas, quantities, etc..

Once you can manage the program properly and have used it successfully for a while, the app automatically provides a series of reports which can be read directly from the program or exported to another format.

You Need a Budget is a very useful financial management tool for individual use. Not only does it have an accessible interface and tutorial to keep things easier and less confusing, but also comes with some really useful features.